Courses on Blackboard 9

If you are taking a course with me this summer or fall, look for it on Blackboard 9, which you can access by logging into and choosing the courses tab.

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  1. “…By rights Groener’s boss, Chief of the General Staff Field Marshal Paul von Hindenburg, should have delivered the bad news, but he was a Prussian officer and nobleman, imbibed in the traditions of military service to his supreme war lord, the Prussian king and German emperor. Hindenburg did not have the nerve…”

    Mr. Stoneman, I quote your on-line essay on Wilhelm Groener. It is embarrassing for me to point out a blatant error of English in the above paragraph, but I thought you would appreciate it after you consult your dictionary.
    IMBIBE = to partake of liquor.
    I think you meant IMBUE = to saturate. As in, “imbued in the traditions…”

    • I much prefer someone pointing out a silly error like this than having it stay there for another three or more years. Then I just keep looking bad or, worse, others think my usage is correct. Thank you!


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